Going to a spa for the first time?


There are as many things to do and have done in a spa as there are ways to worry about it. If you have never been to a spa, here are a few tips to lessen your beginner nerves.

day spa in andover

It is all about you

At any day spa in andover the goal is that you relax and enjoy your chosen treatments. Hopefully, you will come out looking refreshed and rejuvenated, but the main thing is that you’re relaxed and comfortable while you’re there.

Ask any questions you wish

Feel free to ask any questions. You can save yourself a lot of angst if you ask in advance, and it gives the spa a chance to describe their treatments and offer alternatives or extras. It also helps you to know their policies. How they work tips, for example.

All spas are different so don’t worry about being specific, and keep going until you have your questions answered.

Male and female massage therapists

If it is your first visit you will not be asking for a therapist by name, but if you prefer to be massaged by a man or a woman say so. This is about you not about what is convenient for the spa.

Be ready to speak to the therapist. If you’re uncomfortable or there is too much or little pressure, tell them. They certainly don’t want to hurt you.

Swimming or hot tub

If you swim or go in the jacuzzi before a treatment it’s usually a good idea to shower before a treatment to wash off the chlorine and help the skin take in oils.

Mentioned medical conditions

They will normally ask, but just in case, mention if you have any medical conditions. Detail is not necessary, but they need to know.