Rising Popularity of the Open MRI Machine

Depending on the symptoms that a patient is showing, a doctor may recommend they go for an MRI test. It is a fairly common test, as it is able to get a closer look at the insides of any part of the body.

The issue with a regular MRI machine is the way it is set up. The entire experience can be very claustrophobic. Some patients end up panicking when they first go inside a regular MRI machine, because it is such a narrow space. But now there is a very real alternative.

What is an Open MRI?

open MRI

An open MRI machine will produce the same results as a regular MRI. It is going to scan the body in the same way and show doctors the same information. But it is a much better experience for the patient.

Most patients who had a traumatic MRI experience find the open machines a lot more enjoyable. While it is still a test that can make people nervous, it is a lot more relaxed. It is a bigger and more open space, which can help to eliminate the claustrophobia that many people experience with the regular MRI.

Better for Larger Individuals

The open machines are also better for larger individuals. It is unfortunate that some larger individuals have a more difficult time fitting into a regular MRI machine. They can fit, but it is very tight and uncomfortable. The open machine does not present any of these issues.

Get a Physician Referral

If your doctor or specialist advises that you go in for an MRI, ask them for a referral to a facility where the open MRI machine is present. They will be happy to give you a referral to a facility that is covered by your insurance. It will be a more comfortable experience for those who feel claustrophobic when going through a regular MRI machine.